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In her four terms, Chairwoman Elise has delivered real results for her community. Her Bipartisan effort have led to jobs, better health care, veterans benefits, and protections for our rights.

Integrating Technologies to Empower Law-Enforcement (INTEL) at Our Borders Act

Elise introduced the bipartisan INTEL at Our Borders Act that will direct the Department of Homeland Security to create a comprehensive strategy to integrate emerging technologies as part of our nation’s border security strategy. The bill also addresses our personnel shortage on our northern border, which is especially important here in NY-21.

Securing Pay for Corrections Officers

Elise fought to make sure that corrections officers and their families got the compensation that they had rightfully earned while serving our communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Providing Resources to Treat Addiction and Curb Abuse

Biodefense Response and Prevention

I was proud to lead the effort to clarify our national biodefense strategy and implementation plan. The COVID-19 crisis has illuminated the need for a more comprehensive biodefense strategy so that our nation is better prepared to combat future public health threats.

Exposing China's Mishandling of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Holding China Accountable

I was proudly appointed to the House China Task Force. China needs to be held accountable for their cover-up of the initial spread of COVID-19, and I’m focused on leading the U.S. to counter the Chinese Communist Party.

Strengthening Fort Drum's Energy Resilience

Strengthening Fort Drum’s Energy Resilience

Fort Drum is the only installation in the nation that is powered entirely on site by renewable energy. I am proud to continue my support for this 100% energy independent system that creates jobs, conserves our local environment, enhances the base’s capabilities and protects our national security.

Passing Pre-Clearance Agreement to Strengthen Our Economic Commerce on the Northern Border

Passing Pre-Clearance Agreement to Strengthen Our Economic Commerce on the Northern Border

2018 Result: Increasing commerce with our Canadian neighbors is a top economic priority for our region. Pre-Clearance legislation that I sponsored and was signed into law helps build more economic ties while supporting travel, commerce, and tourism between our two nations. This legislation will also build integrated defense capabilities to maintain a secure Northern border. Importantly for the North Country, this legislation will facilitate Amtrak service from Montreal through our district and will reinforce the future of small border crossings by allowing the option of joint operations on one side or the other. 

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