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See below endorsements from Lewis County.

Lewis County


The full list of 96 Lewis County elected officials is below:

Michael Carpinelli, Sheriff, Lewis County
Jake Moser, County Clerk, Lewis County
Phil Hathway, County Legislator, District 1
Ian Gilbert, County Legislator, District 4
Joshua Leviker, County Legislator, District 7
Larry Dolhof, County Legislator, District 8
Thomas Osborne, County Legislator, District 9
Jeffrey Nellenback, County Legislator, District 10
Larry Boliver, Town Council Member, Croghan
Thomas Kalamas, Town Council Member, Croghan
Yvonne Boliver, Town Council Member/ Deputy Town Supervisor, Croghan
Allan Shaw, Superintendent of Highways, Croghan
Patrick F. Mahar, Superintendent of Highways, Denmark
Darlene Rowsam, Town Council Member, Denmark
Peter Jones, Town Council Member, Denmark
Scott Doyle, Town Supervisor, Denmark
Joseph Langs, Superintendent of Highways, Diana
Karley Waite, Town Clerk/Collector, Diana
Allen Bango II, Town Council Member, Diana
Richard Malbeuf, Town Council Member, Diana
Ricky R. Taylor, Town Council Member, Diana
Zach Smith, Town Supervisor, Diana
Kenneth Kirkbride, Superintendent of Highways, Greig
Thomas Gunn, Town Clerk, Greig
Nichelle Bailey Swisher, Town Council Member, Greig
Marilyn Patterson, Town Supervisor, Greig
Terry C. Snyder, Superintendent of Highways, Harrisburg
Karen Bowen, Town Clerk/Collector, Harrisburg
Carey Koster Jr, Town Council Member, Harrisburg
Dale Bowen, Town Council Member, Harrisburg
James Schlieder, Town Council Member, Harrisburg
Paul Widrick, Town Council Member, Harrisburg
Stephen Bernat, Town Supervisor, Harrisburg
Lynn Platt, Superintendent of Highways, Lewis
Olivia Fruin, Town Clerk, Lewis
Karl Rauscher, Town Council Member, Lewis
Tammy Weiler, Town Council Member, Lewis
Dawn Zagurski, Town Supervisor, Lewis
Janice Dosztan, Town Clerk, Leyden
Andrew Millick, Town Council Member, Leyden
Lois Compo, Town Council Member, Leyden
Rick Welch, Town Council Member, Leyden
Steven M. Fox, Town Council Member, Leyden
Rosalie White, Town Supervisor, Leyden
Fred Fox, Superintendent of Highways, Leyden
John “JD” Ross, Town Council Member, Lowville
Paul Virkler, Town Council Member, Lowville
Louise A. Gozalkowski, Town Clerk, Lyonsdale
Keith Todd, Town Council Member, Lyonsdale
Trevor Samson, Town Supervisor, Lyonsdale
Brad Allen, Town Council Member, Martinsburg
Mike McGrath, Town Council Member, Martinsburg
Terry Thisse, Town Supervisor, Martinsburg
Clifford Young, Superintendent of Highways, Montague
Barbara Loomis, Town Clerk/Collector, Montague
Elizabeth Jones, Town Clerk/Collector, New Bremen
Casandra Buell, Town Council Member, New Bremen
Joseph Aucter, Town Council Member, New Bremen
Richard Meagher, Superintendent of Highways, Osceola
Ginny Churchill, Town Clerk, Osceola
Jo Anne Conklin, Town Council Member, Osceola
Valerie Witzigman, Town Council Member, Osceola
Francis Yerdon, Town Supervisor, Osceola
Donald Cook, Superintendent of Highways, Pinckney
Melissa Birchenough, Town Clerk/Collector, Pinckney
Donald Vincent, Town Council Member, Pinckney
Michael Birchenough, Town Council Member, Pinckney
Sherry Harmych, Town Supervisor, Pinckney
Edward A. Koss, Town Council Member, Turin
Jane Gillette, Town Supervisor, Turin
Mervin Moser, Village Mayor, Village of Castroland
Cliff Lehmann, Village Trustee, Village of Castroland
Heidi Lehmann, Village Trustee, Village of Castroland
Richard Diller, Village Trustee, Village of Castroland
Scott Moshier, Village Trustee, Village of Castroland
Samantha Brown, Village Mayor, Village of Constableville
Steve Ward, Village Trustee, Village of Constableville
Alan Klosner, Village Trustee, Village of Constableville
Mark Souva, Village Mayor, Village of Copenhagen
Kim Vogt, Village Trustee, Village of Copenhagen
Shareef Stokley, Village Trustee, Village of Copenhagen
Kerry Colton, Village Trustee, Village of Copenhagen
Lloyd Richardson, Village Trustee, Village of Croghan
Paul Denise, Superintendent Of Public Works, Village of Lowville
Tim Widrick, Village Trustee, Village of Lowville
Donna Dolhof, Village Mayor, Village of Lyons Falls
Shane Rogers, Superintendent of Highways, Village of Lyons Falls
Jeffrey Hoskins, Village Trustee, Village of Lyons Falls
Ron Dorrity, Village Trustee, Village of Lyons Falls
Shawn Smith, Village Mayor, Village of Port Leyden
Jeff Bukingham, Village Trustee, Village of Turin
Kelly Amidon, Village Trustee, Village of Turin
Michael Hanno, Town Council Member, Watson
Jeffrey Hoch, Town Supervisor, Watson
Bethany Schindler, Town Clerk, West Turin
Katrina Sullivan, Town Council Member, West Turin

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