Securing Fort Drum as the Preferred East Coast Missile Defense Site

Elise worked hard to secure Fort Drum as the Department of Defense’s preferred site for a future East Coast Missile Defense System. This project would improve our defense readiness and bring thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue to the North Country.

VA Accountability & Whistleblower Protection Act

Elise helped pass important bipartisan legislation that allows the VA to remove employees for poor performance or misconduct, adds protections for whistleblowers, and increases accountability measures for all VA employees and executives.

Leading the Effort to Save Fort Drum from Sequestration

Elise worked tirelessly to save Fort Drum from devastating Obama-Biden sequestration cuts that would have crippled our military readiness and our national defense, and cost thousands of military jobs in our district. Elise advocated against these cuts and proudly delivered this significant result to our district and our military.

Supporting Important Health Services at the VA

Elise cosponsored legislation that will help ensure that veterans receive timely access to the hearing health services they deserve. This bill will direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to appoint at least one licensed hearing aid specialist at each VAMC to provide these important services.

New Hangar Contract for Fort Drum

Elise announced the approval of this new hangar for Fort Drum, which will assist the base with their military readiness capabilities. She will continue to be the chief advocate for Fort Drum, 10th Mountain Division, and our NY-21 military families.

21st Century Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

Elise cosponsored the 21st Century Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. Our servicemembers are often asked to rapidly uproot their lives and their families from one location to another in defense of our nation. This important legislation would make that process easier for our military families by removing an unnecessary and burdensome step. 

Expanding Resources for North Country Veterans

Elise helped pass legislation to support our North Country veterans, including providing leasing relief to families of deceased or injured servicemembers, improving postsecondary education resources, boosting services for homeless veterans, increasing transparency in VA reporting, and protecting business opportunities for veterans.

Protecting Veterans Health

Passing Critical Legislation for Our Veterans

I helped pass legislation to protect the health of our veterans, including expanding mental health services, analyzing and boosting our current suicide prevention resources, increasing compensation for disabled veterans and survivors of disabled veterans, and empowering veterans with economic opportunities in their civilian lives.

Strengthening Fort Drum’s Energy Resilience

Strengthening Fort Drum's Energy Resilience

Fort Drum is the only installation in the nation that is powered entirely on site by renewable energy. I am proud to continue my support for this 100% energy independent system that creates jobs, conserves our local environment, enhances the base’s capabilities and protects our national security.