Urged Public to Donate PPE to County Public Health Departments

Elise partnered with state and local officials to lead the effort urging our local businesses and manufacturers to donate PPE to our county health departments. Many of them have gone above and beyond to help our communities and get these important resources to our county health departments.

Telehealth Funding for Chronically Ill

Elise secured over $50,000 in telehealth funding for the Northern NY Rural Behavioral Health Institute in Saranac Lake. This funding will go to help at-risk North Country patients with chronic health conditions access remote care. 

Virtual Solutions for Seniors

Elise worked across the aisle to address the challenge of isolation facing older Americans living in nursing facilities during COVID-19. This legislation would help provide telehealth capabilities & virtual social visits to our loved ones in nursing facilities.

Telehealth Access

Ensuring Our Most Vulnerable Have Telehealth Access

I successfully fought to extend Medicare and Medicaid’s emergency telehealth waiver program for at least 22 months. During COVID-19, many patients have used telehealth services to treat their non-COVID-19 related health issues. We need to extend this waiver program so that our most vulnerable can continue to use this resource while staying safe from the […]

Biodefense Response and Prevention

Providing Resources to Treat Addiction and Curb Abuse

I was proud to lead the effort to clarify our national biodefense strategy and implementation plan. The COVID-19 crisis has illuminated the need for a more comprehensive biodefense strategy so that our nation is better prepared to combat future public health threats.

Curbing Opioid Abuse

Providing Resources to Treat Addiction and Curb Abuse

I helped pass important legislation that will provide resources to treat opioid addiction and curb abuse in our communities, including limiting opioid supply for temporary-use patients and boosting controlled substance monitoring. The opioid crisis has unfortunately had devastating impacts on the North Country, and I am proud to be leading the effort to combat the […]

Protecting Veterans Health

Passing Critical Legislation for Our Veterans

I helped pass legislation to protect the health of our veterans, including expanding mental health services, analyzing and boosting our current suicide prevention resources, increasing compensation for disabled veterans and survivors of disabled veterans, and empowering veterans with economic opportunities in their civilian lives.

COVID-19 Telehealth Funding

Securing Telehealth Funding for North Country Families

I was proud to secure over $25,000 in telehealth funding for Families First in Elizabethtown. This funding will ensure that North Country families can remotely receive the behavioral health services that they need, which is especially important during COVID-19.