$14.3B will be used for Israel’s defense systems and munitions production, and the evacuation of U.S. citizens


November 3rd, 2023

By News Staff


WASHINGTON, D.C. | Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined the majority of House of Representatives in bipartisan support for the Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act. It will provide Israel with $14.3 billion through an emergency supplemental appropriations package.

“I am proud to have voted for the Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act . . . . This emergency supplemental (funding) will provide Israel with the resources it requires to defend itself from . . . Hamas and ensure they are able protect their sovereign borders,” said Congresswoman Elise Stefanik.

This bill provides $14.3 billion in supplemental funding for Israel, including $4 billion for Israel’s Iron Dome and David’s Sling defense systems, $1.2 billion for the development of the Iron Beam defense system, $1 billion to support artillery and munitions production, $150 million to enhance security presence at the U.S. Embassy, and $50 million to help evacuate U.S. citizens.


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