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September 1st, 2023

By Sean Brynda


WASHINGTON, D.C. (WWNY) – A battle is brewing for some of New York state’s congressional districts next year. The Republican front will be led by north country Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, who has convinced her party in Washington to make a big investment into different campaigns in the state.

Stefanik will find herself once again at the forefront of an attack – one to flip Democratic congressional seats to the Republicans in 2024.

According to Politico, Stefanik (R. – 21st District) has convinced her party to put $100 million into key swing districts to make New York a Republican state, strengthening the party’s control in Washington.

Assistant Professor of Government Patrick Rickert from St. Lawrence University believes the investment is happening because of the success Republicans saw in recent elections.

“There’s a lot of opportunity they see not just because of their success in 2022, which was unexpected, but because of what they see as an opportunity that might be shifting because of all the controversy over how to draw the congressional map,” he said.

But the Democrats stand by ready to protect the seats they have. CJ Warnke of the House Majority Political Action Committee says it plans a record investment in the next election.

“Earlier this year, House Majority PAC announced an all of the above plan to flip House seats in New York. It’s a $45 million commitment from House Majority PAC with the goal of being the largest democratic spender in New York state,” he said.

In a statement, Alex DeGrasse, a Stefanik advisor, says Stefanik “is the most sought-after Republican endorsement in New York and we look forward to sweeping victories across NY21 and New York State this November and in 2024.”

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