Chairwoman GOP House Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-NY) has invigorated her vital GOP leadership position by boosting media engagement for the Republican conference, according to data obtained by Breitbart News.

August 19th, 2023

By Wendell Husebø


Since replacing former congresswoman Liz Cheney as conference chair in 2021, Stefanik focused her energy on regaining the trust of the American First movement, voters, and donors.

The conference chair position is primarily responsible for fundraising and communications.

One method Stefanik used was increasing outreach across various communication platforms. Instead of relying on the establishment media to connect with voters, she mounted a messaging campaign that circumvented gatekeepers, who often oppose America First policies: securing the border, reducing Bidinflation, allowing parents a say in public education, protecting the Second Amendment, and enabling law enforcement to protect citizens.

Since becoming the chairwoman, the House GOP notched massive data gains on many platforms, including:

“As Chairwoman of the House Republican Conference, I am proud of the hard work of all our Members to deliver legislative victories and results,” Stefanik exclusively told Breitbart News.

“Since earning the Majority from the American people, House Republicans have been disciplined in delivering on our Commitment to America: an economy that’s strong, a nation that’s safe, a government that’s accountable, and a future that’s built on freedom,” she added.

Stefanik’s strategy has paid off. Stefanik raised $3 million in the first quarter of 2023 as the new 2024 election cycle began.

The donations will enable Republicans to defeat Democrats in the 2024 election. In April, Stefanik announced a plan to defeat Democrats in the 2024 election cycle by launching a “NY Battleground Fund.” The fund is meant to counter Democrat attacks and protect the majority in New York.

Republicans took back the House in 2022 — partly by flipping four seats in New York State — securing a slim but important majority.


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