July 9th, 2023
By Lydia Monyihan


New York Rep. Elise Stefanik pulled in $2 million in the second quarter of 2023 for her own campaign, raised $1 million for other candidates, and transferred $1 million to the National Republican Congressional Committee, according to election filings.

The unabashed Trump supporter from upstate New York increased her total for this year to $5 million after she raised $13.4 million in the 2020 cycle and $9.2 million in 2022, according to election filings.

“New York delivered the Republican Majority in 2022 and will decide the House Majority in 2025,” Stefanik said in a statement to The Post. “I am incredibly grateful for the hundreds of thousands of donors and supporters across Upstate New York and the country who are supporting our effort to Save New York and Save America.”

“This fight will not be easy and the Socialist Democrats are relentless. We know they are going to flood our state with over +$100 million in dark money for their desperate campaigns. It will be up to us, the hardworking New Yorkers to unify, dig deep, organize, and VOTE in November.”

The latest haul comes as the fundraising war between Democrats and Republicans heats up.

“New York is the Congressional battleground for 2024,” a GOP strategist explained. “Hakeem Jeffries is in deep and raised millions in one day at Soro’s apartment in NYC and is reportedly even placing County Democrat operatives across the State.”

“On the Republican side you have Speaker McCarthy, Chairwoman Stefanik, the NYGOP and National Republicans working hard together, really with Elise’s team behind the scenes rallying and coordinating Republicans and bringing people in to counter the Democrat political and money machine,” the strategist added. “This is the just the beginning of this playing out for the cycle. Over 100 million on both sides will be raised and spent in the State.”

While the average donation was $26, big names like Paul Singer, founder and co-CEO of Elliott Management; John Catsimatidis, founder and CEO of Red Apple Group, and Long Island billionaire Andy Sabin also gave money to the strongest GOP fundraiser in New York politics history.

Stefanik launched a “battleground fund” earlier this year to boost Republicans in the perennially blue Empire State as the party looks to hang on to gains made in the last election, The Post previously reported.

People close to the Harvard-educated congresswoman believe her new fund will help defend and possibly expand the number of seats Republicans have in New York.

Stefanik became the third-highest ranking Republican in the House as conference chair last year after Liz Cheney was deposed.

Many look to the 38-year-old Stefanik as an example for how to succeed as a Republican in New York politics. She was first elected in 2014, managing to flip a district that Barack Obama had won both times when he ran for president.


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