By Solange Reyner

Republican House Conference Chair Elise Stefanik says Americans are facing crisis after crisis under President Joe Biden.

“Inflation has skyrocketed to the highest rate in my lifetime, crushing hardworking families, small businesses, farms, and seniors. Families now have to choose between filling up their gas tanks, heating their homes, or putting food on the table because of Bidenflation and Joe Biden’s war on American energy,” Stefanik said Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland.

“Violent crime is rampant in big cities, suburbs, and small towns as Democrats continue to push their radical defund the police policies and rhetoric. Joe Biden has shamefully turned his back on our border patrol agents as America faces a border crisis with our southern and northern borders wide open, with millions of illegals and deadly fentanyl pouring across. Our national debt is more than $31 trillion, yet Joe Biden and the far-left socialists want a blank check to continue to spend your hard-earned taxpayer dollars on wasteful, woke programs,” she added.

Stefanik said the U.S. needs a change at the top with a familiar face: Donald Trump.

“Friends, the fabric of America is under attack by the radical left, their loyal stenographers in the mainstream media, and the failed and corrupt leadership of Joe Biden. We need patriots like you across America to save our great republic,” she said.

“This will be one of the toughest fights we face. Believe me, I know firsthand that the left, the entire corrupt Democrat ecosystem, and vicious never Trumpers will smear, threaten, cancel, lie, and do anything to try to silence us and suppress the will of the American people. But the American people are smart. We see past the left’s politics of personal destruction; we have exposed the corrupt and complicit mainstream media; and we must take our country back in 2024 by reelecting President Donald J. Trump.”

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