November 7, 2022

By Hannity Staff

Stefanik spoke exclusively to Town Hall about the event, midterms, and the imminent red wave.

“Democrats have absolutely failed in all respects — they control New York State from the Governor’s mansion to super-majorities in Albany, and now they’re reaping the results of these crises that they’ve created,” Stefanik said.

“She will not be elected governor,” Stefanik said of Hochul. “Remember, she was never elected governor and they thought they were entitled to this — but it turns out New Yorkers are going to make this decision and they’re going to fire Kathy Hochul,” the GOP firebrand added.

From Town Hall:

For those who may be surprised that New York is competitive for Republicans, Stefanik said she’s not surprised a breaking point has been reached for many voters. “If folks were paying attention, many of us saw this happening well over a year ago,” Stefanik explained. “I’ve said for nearly two years that we will elect a Republican governor, that it’s a once in a generation opportunity.”

Part of the success seen by Lee Zeldin, Stefanik explained, has been his ground game. “Under the media’s nose, although I’ve been paying attention and I know New Yorkers have, Lee Zeldin has been criss-crossing this state,” Stefanik said. “Our attorney general candidate Michael Henry has been criss-crossing the state talking about the issues that actually matter,” she added. Those issues? “The tax-and-spend crisis, the corruption crisis in Albany, and most importantly the crime crisis in New York,” Stefanik outlined. “And it turns out, that’s what voters are paying attention to too.”

“Zeldin has the momentum,” Stefanik told Townhall. “I would compare our rally last night with thousands of people to the barely 100 that Kathy Hochul could get when she had in Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris. We were proud to be the foil for that with much much more energy and enthusiasm,” she added. And quite the foil it was.

Stefanik shared photos from last week’s event, which was attended by more than 3,000 people.

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