Tuesday, September 27, 2022

ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY—Today, 110 St. Lawrence County elected officials, including Republicans, Independents, and Democrats endorsed Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for re-election to Congress. This is the highest number of endorsements the Congresswoman has ever received from officials in St. Lawrence County, and includes one or more local elected officials from every town in St. Lawrence County.

“I will be proudly voting for Congresswoman Stefanik this November,” said William Sheridan, Chairman of the County Legislature (R).“During her tenure as our congresswoman, Elise has stood strongly for St. Lawrence County, Upstate New York and the North Country. Elise is leading the fight to block Kathy Hochul’s Farm Laborers Wage Board’s out-of-touch decision to lower the overtime threshold. This decision is devastating to our family farms in St. Lawrence County and across NY-21. I know Elise is a fighter who will be able to deliver real results for our community on the issues affecting us, and that is why she has my full support.”

“I am honored to be supporting Congresswoman Stefanik this November,” said Shelly Youngs, Mayor, Village of Hammond (I).“Elise has proven to be a fierce advocate for St. Lawrence County, Upstate New York and the North Country during her tenure in Congress. She is the only person on the ballot running for Congress from Upstate New York and is in tune with our community’s struggles. She has proven to offer real solutions to inflation and the energy crisis plaguing our community, and Elise has never waivered when our Second Amendment rights have come under attack. For these reasons, I look forward to working hard over the next several weeks to ensure that she remains our representative in Congress.”

“This November, I will be supporting Congresswoman Elise Stefanik as she has proven time after time that she can deliver real results for St. Lawrence County, Upstate New York and the North Country,”said Daniel Skamperle, Councilman, City of Ogdensburg (D).“Elise has worked across the aisle to preserve and protect the St. Lawrence River against oil spills. She has also fought to protect our Second Amendment rights in Congress, standing up against gun-grabbing Kathy Hochul’s radical anti-Second Amendment legislation. I know that she will always fight for St. Lawrence County in Congress and that is why she has my full support.”

The full list of 110 St. Lawrence County elected officials is below:

Brooks Bigwarfe, County Sheriff, St. Lawrence

Sandra Santamoor, County Clerk, St. Lawrence

James Reagen, County Legislator, District 1

David Forsythe, County Legislator, District 2

Joseph Lightfoot, County Legislator, District 3

William Sheridan, County Legislator , District 4

Harry A Smithers, County Legislator, District 5

Larry Denesha, County Legislator, District 6

Rick Perkins, County Legislator, District 7

Kevin Acres, County Legislator, District 8

Rita Curran, County Legislator, District 15

Jodi White, Town Council Member, Brasher

Bob Santamoor, Town Council Member, Canton

Mike Skelly, City Mayor, Ogdensburg

Steven Fisher, City Council, City of Ogdensburg

Daniel Skamperle, City Council, City of Ogdensburg

William Dillabough, City Council, City of Ogdensburg

Michael Powers, City Council, City of Ogdensburg

Francis Sharpstene, Town Supervisor, Clare

Richard Hance, Highway Superintendent, Clare

Charles Hooven, Town Supervisor, Clifton

John Russell, Town Council Member, Clifton

Ronald Robert, Town Supervisor, Colton

Lisa Fisher-Davis, Town Council Member, Colton

Kevin Hawley, Highway Superintendent, Colton

Constance Elen, Town Council Member, DeKalb

Stephen Ross, Town Council Member, DePeyster

Leslie Hargrave, Town Council Member, DePeyster

Richard Pray, Town Council Member, DePeyster

Kevin Murdock, Highway Superintendent, DePeyster

Jeff Shippee, Town Supervisor, Edwards

Jan Lennox, Town Council Member, Edwards

Duane Sykes, Highway Superintendent, Edwards

Jeremy Thompson, Town Supervisor, Fine

Tracy Typhair, Highway Superintendent, Fine

Rick Newvine, Town Supervisor, Fowler

Karen Simmons, Town Council Member, Fowler

Lynn Bishop, Town Council Member, Fowler

Scott Cleveland, Town Council Member, Fowler

Jeffrey Andrews, Town Council Member, Fowler

Tami Gale, Town Clerk/Tax Collector, Fowler

Randy Durham, Highway Superintendent, Fowler

Dave Spilman Jr., Town Supervisor, Gouverneur

Curran Wade Jr., Town Council Member, Gouverneur

Jamiee McQuade, Town Council Member, Gouverneur

Jay Bowhall, Town Council Member, Gouverneur

Marion Bowhall, Town Clerk, Gouverneur

Shelly Youngs, Village Mayor, Hammond

James Furgison, Town Council Member, Hammond

Theodore Elk, Town Council Member, Hammond

Roger Hadlock, Highway Superintendent, Hammond

Arthur Baker, Town Supervisor, Hermon

Bernard Reed Jr., Town Council Member, Hermon

Kathleen Carpenter, Town Council Member, Hermon

John Reed, Town Council Member, Hermon

Karen Wayering, Town Clerk, Hermon

Brian Brunet, Highway Superintendent, Hermon

Susan Wood, Town Supervisor, Hopkinton

John Burns, Town Council Member, Hopkinton

Rick Eakins, Town Council Member, Hopkinton

Gerald St. Hilaire Jr., Town Council Member, Lawrence

James Ashley, Town Council Member, Lawrence

Ron Flannery, Highway Superintendent, Lawrence

William Nelson, Town Supervisor, Lisbon

Dan O’Keefe, Town Council Member, Louisville

Gail Schneider, Town Council Member, Louisville

Bret Martin, Town Council Member, Macomb

Kathleen Vansant, Town Clerk, Macomb

Bill Law, Highway Superintendent, Macomb

Collin Nicol, Town Council Member, Madrid

Sue Bellor, Town Supervisor, Massena

Patrick Facteau, Town Council Member, Massena

Adrian Taraska, Town Council Member, Massena

Jeannine Brouse, Town Clerk, Massena

Frank Putman, Town Supervisor, Morristown

Shawn Macaulay, Town Council Member, Morristown

Jill Sullivan, Town Clerk, Morristown

Jill Molnar, Town Clerk, Norfolk

Alfred Nichols, Town Supervisor, Oswegatchie

Lillian LaRose, Town Council Member, Oswegatchie

Bruce LaRose, Town Council Member, Oswegatchie

Kenneth Wilson, Town Council Member, Oswegatchie

Michael Stoner, Town Council Member, Oswegatchie

Vicki Thornhill, Town Clerk, Oswegatchie

Karl Cougler, Highway Superintendent, Oswegatchie

Conrad Cook, Town Council Member, Parishville

Connie Maguire, Town Clerk, Parishville

Gina Sarazen, Town Council Member, Piercefield

Dan Huntley, Town Council Member, Pierrepont

Chad VanBrocklin, Town Council Member, Pierrepont

Julian Filiatrault, Town Clerk, Pierrepont

Shawn Spellacy, Highway Superintendent, Pierrepont

Ann Hall, Town Council Member, Pitcairn

Paul Jackson, Town Council Member, Pitcairn

John Keleher, Highway Superintendent, Potsdam

Harry Turnbull, Town Supervisor, Rossie

Timothy White, Town Supervisor, Russell

Charles Kerr, Town Council Member, Russell

Teresa Eells, Town Clerk, Russell

Bruce Thompson, Highway Superintendent, Stockholm

Charles Newvine, Deputy Mayor, Village of Gouverneur

Troy Besaw, Village Trustee, Village of Gouverneur

Jill Sullivan, Town Clerk, Morristown

Michael Hammond, Village Mayor, Village of Rensselaer Falls

Connie McAllister, Village Trustee, Village of Rensselaer Falls

Eugene Prashaw, Village Trustee, Village of Richville

Shelly Prashaw, Village Clerk, Village of Richville

James Thew, Village Trustee, Village of Waddington

David McBath, Town Council Member, Waddington

Travis McKnight, Town Council Member, Waddington