By Michael McLoughlin

Over the past year, our nation has been embroiled in the controversy surrounding public educators infusing critical race theory into their lesson plans targeting youths as young as preschool.

The COVID-19 pandemic gave parents insight into the radical agenda that was being taught to their children and were outraged at what they saw.

While we have seen a growing backlash from parents in opposition to the teaching of critical race theory in our schools, few leaders on the Republican side of the aisle have been as vocal as Rep. Elise Stefanik has been on this issue. In an excoriating letter sent to the state’s top education official, Rep. Stefanik demanded a complete accounting of how the state’s Education Department allocated its COVID-19 funds, claiming that federal funds were used to promote critical race theory across the state.

The state’s Education Department commissioner responded with a full-scale denial while accusing the congresswoman of peddling conspiracy theories, all without any documentation showing where the funds were diverted to. The parents of the state of New York who entrust our public education system with developing the next generation of leaders deserve to know whether their children are being spoon-fed far-left racial essentialism on the taxpayer’s dime.

Rep. Stefanik will continue to push for full transparency in our education system and fight back against the indoctrination of our state’s students.

Michael McLoughlin, Stillwater

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