By William Creighton

Last week, Rep. Elise Stefanik introduced the TOP II, Secure Every School and Protect our Nation’s Children Act. This act aims to strengthen the mental health resources at our nation’s schools as well as increase funding for training and preventative strategies for active shooters. The legislation would build on a previous bill from 2018 and would be paid for using funds that were approved for COVID-19 but remain unused. I think it is a fantastic idea to put the unused funds to harden our schools. These funds will allow schools to make improvements to security that will make it harder for evil and sick people to commit atrocities against our children. Funding for mental health is an important step. The left will have you convinced that guns are the root cause of all problems, however, appropriating funds to increase mental health services at schools will actually make an impact. It doesn’t matter how many guns are available if the real root cause, mental health, is ignored. Congresswoman Stefanik continues to work hard to bring about meaningful legislation that actually addresses the problems we face. I’m never disappointed in the work Elise does and I’m proud to be represented by her.

William Creighton, Plattsburgh

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