June 15, 2022, By Ryan Saavedra

Conservatives celebrated Tuesday night after Republican Mayra Flores flipped a U.S. House seat in deep blue south Texas, in a region that has not been represented by a Republican in well over 100 years.

Flores, who beat Democrat Dan Sanchez in the special election for Texas’ 34th Congressional District, is now “the first GOP candidate to represent that area of the Rio Grande Valley since 1870,” the Houston Chronicle reported, and she will be “the first congresswoman born in Mexico.”

Flores responded to her victory with a statement saying that her “historic win will bring back God to the halls of Congress!”

“This win is for the people who were ignored for so long!” she continued. “This is a message that the establishment will no longer be tolerated! We have officially started the red wave!! #TX34 God, Family, Country.”

“Congresswoman-Elect Mayra Flores and the people of Texas have a message for Joe Biden!” she added. “The RED Tsunami is here!”

“Historic win! Incredible job @MayraFlores2022,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted. “Congrats to you and your team.”

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) tweeted: “Mayra’s win is historic and inspiring, as she is the FIRST Mexican-born woman elected to Congress. I look forward to working with Mayra to fight for the America First agenda!”

“Republican @MayraFlores2022 just beat a Democrat to win an open seat for Congress in an historically Democrat district in South Texas,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) wrote on Twitter. “Congress just got more Republican. Texas just got more red. The future is looking bright red in Texas.”

Texas’ 34th Congressional District was previously held by Rep. Filemon Vela (D) who stepped down earlier this year to become a lobbyist, as all signs pointed to a brutal upcoming midterm election season for Democrats.

The region has been devastated by Democrat President Joe Biden’s border crisis, something that has turned off many Hispanic voters that typically have voted for Democrats in the past.

“Republicans have been eager to flip the seat as part of their new offensive in South Texas after Biden’s underperformance throughout the predominantly Hispanic region in the 2020 election. Flores and her allies spent over $1 million on TV ads in the special election,” the Texas Tribunereported. “The dynamic put Democrats into an unusual underdog position in a region of the state they have long dominated. Vastly outspent by Flores, Sanchez repeatedly compared the special election to a David vs. Goliath fight, with himself playing David.”

MSNBC columnist Eric Michael Garcia panicked over the results of the election, saying that Democrats needed to be sounding the alarm immediately.

“There is a political earthquake happening in Latino politics in South Texas and there is a reason I have been saying it will be voting like West Virginia,” he tweeted. “But like @SeanTrende , I expected this in two decades. #TX34. This should be a five alarm fire for Democrats.”

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