May 18th, 2022

By Fox News Staff

Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., sounded off on the baby formula shortage, saying Democrats pointed fingers and failed to act until Republicans called for accountability from the FDA. On “The Faulkner Focus” Wednesday, Stefanik said the shortage is President Biden’s fault and said it will become a “huge” government controversy.  

REP. ELISE STEFANIK:It was Republicans, and I was proud to lead this, that in February, we demanded from the FDA accountability and a plan to address the supply issue when the decision was made to shut down the plant in Sturgis, Michigan. Do you know how long it took for the FDA to respond? They didn’t respond to me until last week, mid-May, because I blasted them from the Capitol steps that this was a crisis for families across the country.

Joe Biden was forced to change his schedule to get on the phone with formula manufacturers because House Republicans had a press conference on this. So Democrats have been asleep at the switch. Nancy Pelosi is again trying to point fingers, but it’s the FDA. She’s talking about criminal indictments on the manufacturing formula makers. I think this is going to be a huge government controversy, and there must be accountability on the failures of the FDA. This is Joe Biden’s fault and their incompetence.

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