May 9th, 2022

by Delaney Keppner

NORTH COUNTRY, N.Y. (WWTI) — Funding has been provided to continue Essential Air Service in Ogdensburg and Plattsburgh, according to an announcement from Congresswoman Elise Stefanik on Monday.

According to a press release, the Department of Transportation will provide up to $20.7 million in grant funding to provide the service in both locations through the Alternate Essential Air Service (AEAS) program. The grant funding will be used to secure nonstop, roundtrip flights from Ogdensburg International Airport and Plattsburgh International Airport to Philadelphia International Airport through a public charter service provided by Contour Airlines.

Congress established a Pilot Program to provide communities with an alternative to the traditional Essential Air Service type service. Typically, the EAS program pays subsidies to regional air carriers to provide two or three round trips a day to a major hub airport.

Specifically, the DOT will provide up to $11,218,457 for AEAS out of Ogdensburg over the 27-month term from July 1 in 2022, through September 30 in 2024. For its Plattsburgh agreement, DOT will provide up to $9,526,718 for the same 27-month term.

Congresswoman Stefanik said she is excited that the service will continue to be available to North Country residents and other travelers.

“I am proud to announce that Essential Air Service will continue at the Plattsburgh and Ogdensburg airports,” Congresswoman Stefanik said. “I advocate for critical air service programs every year to provide our North Country families with convenient and more accessible travel, as well as attract tourists to our region. I will continue to work to keep and expand this critical program throughout communities in New York’s 21st District.”

More information about the AEAS program can be found on the DOT’s website.

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