By Bohdan Rabarsky

For all that our military does to protect and serve our country, there are many things that are too often overlooked when it comes to their own lives.  For example, did you know that the unemployment rate of military spouses is nearly triple the national unemployment rate, at a whopping 20%? Also, did you know that these spouses are actively looking for employment, but are unable to find employment due to their frequent re-location status? Along with the battle to find a job that many spouses struggle with, there is also the issue of access to child care. Nearly 75% of our military has children under 18 in the home, and their spouses are responsible for providing care as their loved ones are serving our country. Military spouses have often been referred to as diverse, resilient, adaptable, and civically engaged, the type of people that are good hires. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has recently co-sponsored a bill in hopes of containing this problem. This new bill would give a tax break to employers hiring military spouses as an incentive to hire more and support the families that protect our own. Stefanik’s cosponsored bill is yet another example of her care for our area and the people who protect us.

Bohdan Rabarsky, Utica

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