By: Jim Zecca

New York State’s far-left budget has been in the headlines for what seems like forever. At this point, we are looking at the most expensive budget in New York history, which will keep our state on the list of highest taxed states in the country.

This is outrageous. With our state already losing population like there is no tomorrow — we will face unprecedented tax burdens in the future. Our area relies on small businesses and is mainly middle class, and this unhinged budget does not support our working-class society.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, who will become one of our new representatives in January, God willing, has spoken out against Gov. Hochul’s tyrannical budget proposal. We deserve representatives who will stand up for our Upstate communities, as our state’s far-left radical policies often overlook our values. Elise Stefanik supports our fight against the radical bail reform legislation, which has also been crippling many of our communities with crime. Stefanik has also fought to end the fiber fee, causing our rural areas to struggle against skyrocketing internet costs. This is the type of representation we need and deserve in our region.

— Jim Zecca, Utica

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