March 25, 2022

SARATOGA, NY— Today Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s Senior Advisor Alex DeGrasse released the following statement following Downstate Far-Left Democrat Matt Castelli’s tweet.

“Downstate Matt Castelli is so Far-Left and off-the-planet out of touch with North Country values that he doesn’t believe there are two genders—that you are born a biological male or a biological female. 
We will ensure every Upstate and North Country voter knows that Castelli is so radical and dangerous that he believes there is no definition or biological difference between men or women, and instead embraces gender fluidity. Castelli will destroy women’s sports, women’s shelters, women’s health clinics, and women’s educational and leadership opportunities. 
If this radical Far-Left extremist from Downstate Poughkeepsie is able to get through the crowded Democrat Primary, this will be yet another reason why Congresswoman Elise Stefanik will overwhelmingly win both men and women voters.”