March 3, 2022

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-21, Schuylerville, and Rep. Claudia L. Tenney, R-22, New Hartford, responded the President Joe Biden’s first State of the Union address with criticism.

In remarks issued following the speech on Tuesday night, Stefanik wrote:

“The state of our union is in crisis because of President Joe Biden. Tonight’s speech will not rewrite the abysmal failure of the past year under one-party Democrat rule in Washington. Unfortunately, rather than focusing on unleashing American energy independence, supporting our Constitutional liberties, or reining in his reckless tax and spending agenda, President Biden doubled down on his failed, far-left policies that will only worsen the economic, energy, border, and national security crises for families across America and in Upstate New York and the North Country.

“At home, New York families are facing historic inflation and paying more for goods and groceries due to Biden’s out-of-control spending. They are also paying the price for Biden’s anti-energy agenda as families face skyrocketing home heating costs and the most expensive gasoline since Joe Biden was vice president.Our families are witnessing President Biden’s hypocrisy as he opens our southern border to illegal immigrants but has delayed and restricted travel across our northern border at the expense of our district’s families and small businesses,” Stefanik added

“Tonight, President Biden outrageously gave himself a pat on the back for shutting down the coronavirus. Make no mistake, Joe Biden and Democrat officials across America were the leaders of implementing unconstitutional mandates and lockdowns, shutting down businesses and schools, and masking our kids. The American people will not let Joe Biden rewrite history,” she added.

“With the world in crisis, my thoughts are with our brave 10th Mountain Division men and women who have deployed to our allied countries in Europe outside of Ukraine as a result of President Biden’s weakness on the world stage. Tonight, I was disappointed that President Biden failed to effectively counter Russian aggression in Ukraine.We stand strongly as fellow Americans with the Ukrainian people as they face the atrocities of authoritarian war criminal Vladimir Putin. And we must do more.”

“My focus in Congress will continue to be fighting back against the radical Far-Left policies of one-party Democrat rule that are failing New Yorkers and America. I will always stand up for Upstate New York and the North Country’s small businesses, veterans, seniors, farmers, parents, and hardworking families to ensure they have a seat at the table at the highest level,” the North Country Republican concluded.

Tenneyalso released a statement to the media. It reads:

“The state of our nation and our world is much worse than it was one year ago. Virtually every major crisis our nationfaces today has been caused or exacerbated by President Biden. Tonight Americans deserved to hear real solutions. It was an opportunity for President Biden to acknowledge the challenges we face and deliver a call to action that was unifying, bipartisan, and results oriented. It was a chance forJoe Biden to stoptalking about howhe’s the “unity” president and to finally start acting like it.”

“Unfortunately for our nation, President Biden failed to deliver. I deeply appreciated the bipartisan solidarity shown tonight for the brave Ukrainian people as well as the strong condemnation of Vladimir Putin’s premeditated and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. But beyond that this speech was a return to Joe Biden’s same partisan rhetoric. It was a divisiveattempt to shift blame and salvage a failing presidency, all while ignoring our country’s most pressing issues,” Tenney said.

“The list of challenges is long and growing: 40-year high inflation, an open border, a deadly fentanyl epidemic, a hollowed out domestic energy industry, war in Europe, a failed withdrawal from Afghanistan, unprecedented government spending, and massive supply chain disruptions. President Biden once again failed to acknowledge these challenges let alone present a unifying, commonsense vision for how he plans to address them,” Tenney added.

Both Stefanik and Tenney have received endorsements from former President Donald J. Trump in their campaigns for Congress.

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