February 2, 2022 by Wendell Husebo

At least two high profile House Republicans are joining the push for Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a Justice Department Special Counsel to investigate Democrat President Joe Biden’s family’s business ties to the Chinese Communist Party, Breitbart News has learned exclusively.

House GOP conference chairwoman Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) and Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) both confirmed to Breitbart News on Wednesday they support the growing calls for such a Special Counsel appointment.

Their statements come after theNew York Post’sEditorial Board on Wednesday announced support for a Special Counsel to investigate Hunter Biden’s and the Biden family’s Chinese business dealings, and after Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) did so earlier this week in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News.

“The Bidens have lied about their illegal and unethical conflicts of interest for too long. The evidence of Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings, particularly with Communist China, his shady involvement in international affairs and art scandal is mounting, but still the Attorney General shamefully has not called for a special counsel,”Stefanik told Breitbart News.

“Make no mistake. This is a problem for Joe Biden and the whole Biden family, and they have been in hiding for too long. They must provide full transparency to the American people,” the third-ranking GOP House member continued.

Cawthorn told Breitbart News he is in favor ofpublicinvestigation intoHunter after a 2018 investigation by the U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware slowed during the 2020 presidential election.

“Just imagine how the left-wing legacy media would be losing their collective minds if one of President Trump’s sons had engaged in one-tenth of the corruption Hunter Biden has,” Cawthorn told Breitbart News. “We should absolutely have a special counsel investigate Hunter Biden.”

“TheNew York Poststood up to censorship, slander, and abuse for simply reporting the Hunter Biden laptop story,” Cawthorn added in reference toformerPostDeputy Politics Editor and now Breitbart News’ Politics Editor Emma-Jo Morris’s reporting that first broke the “laptop from hell” story during the 2020 presidential election.

Morris’s reporting on Hunter’s “laptop from hell” drove an “awakening” about just how protected President Biden’s son is from public inquiry, especially while the Biden administration controls Washington, DC.

ThePost’sWednesday opinion piece slammed President Biden’s Attorney General, Merrick Garland, for not naming a special counsel to investigate Hunter, who seems to be the most protected man in America:

It’s past time for Garland to explain why he hasn’t named a special counsel.

This idea has been batted around at least sinceHunter’s smelly art sales surfaced.And the drip of damning news has only continued: a former business partner“co-operating completely” with the feds; congressional allegations thatthe Secret Service improperly redacted recordsrelating to Hunter’s travels; news that Hunter’s bank records on his dealings with the Bank of Chinawere subpoenaed in May 2019.

That is, the feds have been looking at Hunter since theObamaadministration. Given all this, Biden should have put the probe under impartial supervision long ago.In between, Justice has managed to fully investigate, for example, everything about then-President Donald Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia — albeit via a special counsel.

ThePost’sstatement follows reporting by Breitbart News that revealed a 2019 document from the U.S. Attorney’s office in Delaware. The document indicated the IRS subpoenaed “JPMorgan Chase Bank for financial records of Hunter Biden, the president’s brother James Biden, their associates Devon Archer and Eric Schwerin, and a number of business entities with which they were involved” as an integral part of a criminal investigation into Hunter.

Breitbart News’s reporting on the IRS investigation into Hunter comes asBreitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer’s book Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win droppedbombshell reporting about the Biden family’s potentially criminal activities.

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