January 31, 2022 by Natalia Mittelstadt

House GOP Conference Chairwoman Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) criticized President Joe Biden and Democratic leadership for failed policies while explaining how Republicans are planning to counter them should they win back the House in the midterm elections this year.

Stefanik told “Just the News, Not Noise” TV show co-hosts John Solomon and Amanda Head on Monday that America’s adversaries are taking advantage of Biden’s weakness on the world stage.

“T]he first year of any presidency is when our adversaries test the Commander in Chief of the United States, and Joe Biden has failed test after test after test — whether it was cyber attacks from Russia, whether it’s China really asserting its leadership, unfortunately, on the global stage and trying to counter American leadership with our allies,” Stefanik said.

“And they’ve seen Joe Biden’s weakness, they’ve seen the lack of accountability, they’ve seen the lack of strength when it comes to American foreign policy.”

She noted that America’s adversaries are “acting” as a result of Biden’s weakness.

“This is why Putin is acting, and the fact that this administration has said these are going to be the consequences after any type of incursion — and Joe Biden said a ‘minor incursion’ — any incursion is an invasion when we’re talking about a democratic partner, a democracy like Ukraine.”

Stefanik explained that, having been to Ukraine herself, it “is an incredibly important country, this is an important partner to the United States, and it is important geographically. We want countries like Ukraine to work with their Western allies, rather than allowing Russia to essentially attack one of our important allies.

“So this [is] a result of Joe Biden’s failed leadership, and Putin sees this — this would have never happened under President Trump.”

As for the 2022 midterm elections, Stefanik said that the GOP is “going to earn this majority.

“We’re going to work hard between now until Election Day to put forth what our priorities are, but also prosecute the case of these failed policies from unified Democrat, far-left government.”

She added that the GOP’s No. one priority is securing the border.

“That’s incredibly important,” Stefanik said. “Number two, we’re going to stop the spending that has led to historic inflation, the highest rate of inflation over the course of my lifetime. We are going to be tough on China, which Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi failed to do. We’re going to invest in a strong military when we see Joe Biden and House Democrats showing weakness on the stage, and we’re gonna support our law enforcement officers and back the blue and get rid of these absolutely outrageous … foreign policies that have made our communities less safe.”

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