January 25, 2022

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik reports her office being slammed with calls from parents angry about masks on children at school.

Stefanik released the following statement slamming Governor Hochul and her Department of Education for ignoring the New York State Supreme Court’s ruling declaring mask mandates in schools and public places unconstitutional.

“My office is answering calls from constituents – specifically, parents who are informing us that their kids are being kept from entering schools unless they are wearing masks.

“Kathy Hochul and her Far-Left Department of Education are lying to Superintendents causing unnecessary confusion. There is no stay on this court ruling. Kathy Hochul’s authoritarian mandate was deemed illegal by the NY Supreme Court. Masks are not mandatory for students, period. Yet Kathy Hochul is still trying to force young children to wear a mask in school, shamefully disregarding the rule of law.

“Any parent or student that is told they cannot attend school in the North Country if they do not wear a mask due to the illegal mandate, please contact my office. As a senior member of the House Education and Labor Committee, I will hold the New York State Department of Education accountable.”

Yesterday (Jan. 24), the New York Supreme Court ruled the Hochul Administration’s statewide mask mandate on schools and public locations as unconstitutional and a violation of state law.

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