December 10, 2021

Team Elise released the following statement:

“North Country Democrats continue to implode – whether it’s the multiple arrests of local Democrat elected officials for criminal possession of cocaine, the Democrat County Committees’ backroom deals to bow to DC, New York City, and Cuomo crony political consultants to force a Far-Left downstate candidate on the voters, or the North Country Democrats’ sordid and long history of sexism and embrace of sexist smears.
There is no doubt that sexist, Cuomo crony Saratoga County Democrat Chair Todd Kerner must resign. He should be ashamed and is a disgrace.

This is the biggest and earliest political implosion we have seen yet for North Country Democrat committees and candidates – a true achievement based on their historic and massive losses in every single election against Congresswoman Elise Stefanik.

As this trainwreck of the Democrat primary continues, the reality is every Democrat candidate is a Far Left Socialist who supports Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s failed agenda that voters will resoundingly reject. This is why Elise earns support from Republicans, Independents, and Democrats for her record of results for the North Country. Team Elise can’t wait for2022.”


Days after a third North Country Democrat was caught with criminal cocaine possession, today Team Elise released a statement on the growing disarray in the crowded NY-21 Democratic primary.Democrat Congressional Candidates Bridie Farrell and Matt Putorti recently called for the resignation of Saratoga County’s Democrat Chair Todd Kerner after Farrell accused the Party Boss of being sexist against herself and former 2018 and 2020 Democrat Nominee Tedra Cobb.

Following Farrell’s accusation, Matt Putorti, who is a member of the LGBTQ community and a lawyer who represented the Chinese Communist Party, accused Democrat Chair Todd Kerner of believing that he can’t win because he’s gay.

Read the full story in Breitbart News here.

Matt Castelli, a former CIA operative who has never voted in the North Country, and launched his entire campaign by comparing January 6th to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, has also joined Democrats’ infighting.
While Castelli secured the endorsement of 11 of the North Country Democrat Chairs excluding Washington County, no county committee has voted yet to endorse Castelli, which Cobb, the 2018 and 2020 Congressional nominee, criticized in a tweet.

Putorti has also publicly criticized these “Party Bosses” in an article, where he stated, “It is unclear why a handful of party bosses seek to deprive Democrats from a say in who represents them in the general election.”
Pictured above: Bridie Farrell’s fundraising email calling for Saratoga Democratic Committee Chair Todd Kerner’s resignation.

Pictured above: Saratoga Democratic Committee Chair Todd Kerner’s response to Bridie Farrell’s accusations and calls for his resignation.

Pictured above: Bridie Farrell’s response to Kerner’s statement.

Pictured above: Matt Putorti tweeting support for Farrell and joining her call for Todd Kerner’s resignation. Putorti also accuses Kerner of not believing in Putorti’s candidacy because he is gay:“That said, you and other chairs have also insinuated to my team that I cannot win because I’m gay. And are attempting to rig the process against a woman as well. This is not what our party stands for. And again, you should resign.”

Pictured above: Saratoga County Democrat Chair Todd Kerner’s response to Matt Putorti and accusations that Kerner is deleting comments.