December 6, 2021

Washington, D.C.—Today, GOP House Conference Chair Elise Stefanik joinedFox and Friendsto discussCNN’s delayed firing of Chris Cuomo, New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s unkept promise to clean house of disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s henchmen, Joe Biden’s weakness on the world stage, and more.
Watch the full interview here.

Elise Stefanik on CNN’s delayed firing of Chris Cuomo:

“This is better late than never. I called for CNN to terminate Chris Cuomo back in August. For some time we have known that Chris Cuomo is complicit in both the coverup but also the smearing and retaliation against the victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault of his brother, the former Governor Andrew Cuomo, the worst Governor in America.”

“They [CNN] need to immediately turn over that additional information to the State Assembly and State Senate as well as to the independent investigation…”

Elise Stefanik on CNN’s plummeting ratings:

“There’s a reason CNN’s ratings have plummeted. The American people fundamentally understand that they are pushing fake news, they are pushing propaganda. And when it comes to the Cuomo brothers—look, CNN is guilty of propping up Andrew Cuomo, covering up for the nursing home scandal, that conflict of interest of having a brother interview Governor Cuomo was like the Cuomo hour every single night on TV. That is not why people watch the news.”

“One of the reasons CNN’s numbers continue to go down is because they were so obsessed with opposition to President Trump for so many years, which was not objective. We know now that they were perpetrators of the Russia hoax and so much false information, and the American people deserve the truth, they deserve objectivity, and that is not what they are getting at CNN.”

Elise Stefanik on New York Governor Kathy Hochul:

“There is still accountability that needs to be heard, Rachel. There is a sitting head of the State University of New York who has been revealed as part of the efforts to retaliate against these women and was part of the criminal coverup. And Kathy Hochul, the current Governor of New York, needs to make sure that we completely clean house from the criminal cesspool and the corrupt cronies that supported Governor Cuomo.”

Elise Stefanik on NYC lawmakers pushing for non-citizen voting rights:

“We are going to use every avenue to challenge this. This is unconstitutional. This is illegal. We need to make sure it’s American citizens who are voting in our election not illegal immigrants, and this is more of the Far-Left progressivism that you’re seeing from New York City and frankly, New York state.”

“Every American should be opposed to this. This is about undermining the integrity of our elections, and this is, you know, when you think the Democrats have gone too far they always go a step further, further to the left. So we need to stand together as Americans against this undermining of our constitutional elections.”

Elise Stefanik on Joe Biden’s failed foreign policy:

“Putin senses weakness and we have seen nothing but weakness when it comes to President Joe Biden’s foreign policy. This is not the first step that Putin has taken to take advantage of that weakness. We’ve seen cyber-attacks, we’ve seen ransomeware attacks, we’ve seen also this administration prioritize Russia when it comes to energy rather than our European allies.”

Elise Stefanik on protecting life:

“We need to stand strong when it comes to defending life. Look I’m a new mom. I understand that we need to protect life as Americans…It’s going to be important to protect the constitutional protections for life in this country.”