November 23, 2021

Washington, D.C.–House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik joined RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel’s podcastReal Americato discuss parents’ role in education, how Joe Biden’s policies created the most expensive Thanksgving in U.S history, the record number of Republican women running for Congress in 2022, and more.
Listen to the full and recently released episode ofReal America here.

Elise Stefanik on Joe Biden’s Thanksgiving Tax:
“This will be the most expensive Thanksgiving in United States history. The cost of turkeys have skyrocketed. This is essentially Joe Biden’s Turkey Tax on every American because inflation is just that—it’sa tax on every working family. And the people that it hurts the most are hardworking people.”

Elise Stefanik on Republicans fighting for parental rights in education:
“Republicans are going to stand up for parental rights and the important parental role in their kids’ education. And as someone in my experience, education was so important to me, I already think about that when it comes to my son Sam. I want to make sure that first of all, I will be an engaged parent in his education because I want to make sure he has the best education and opportunity out there like any parent does. But making sure schools remember that they’re not serving the unions, that they’re not serving the principals, they’re not serving the superintendents, they are serving the students…”

Elise Stefanik on helping elect a record number of Republican women to Congress:
“We elected over 30 Republican women to the House, the highest ever. The momentum is building as we’re headed into this next election cycle, which there is so much energy with the Republican voters but Independent voters and even Democrats who feel that the Biden administration is just failing and causing crises in this country. We are seeing women step up—the highest number of women have filed to run as Republicans for Congress ever—even more than last cycle. And I‘m excited to support them and help us win back the majority.”

Elise Stefanik on taking back the House in 2022:
“We need to win back the House to save this country to make sure that we are standing up for the Constitution, to stand up for hardworking Americans, and we feel good going into next year’s election but we are not taking it for granted and we need to make sure our voters are energized.”