November 4, 2021 by Josh Feldman

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R- NY), the number three Republican in the House, slammed critics of CNN’s reporting on inflation and milk prices.

CNN ran a report featuring a Texas family with nine children who have been struggling as the cost of everyday goods has risen. They said they were buying 12 gallons of a milk a week and so the amount they’re paying has seriously gone up.

The network received criticism and mockery on social media over the segment. CorrespondentEvan McMorris-Santorosaid people were being “assholes” to the family, whileBrianna Keilarrepeatedly pushed back on Twitterand scolded people’s responses.

Fox News’ Rachel Campos-Duffy scolded the Twitter critics and told Stefanik, “These blue check Twitter liberals were so cruel and mean to this family that’s clearly a good family doing work that maybe they should be doing to help foster kids.”

“God bless this proud American family,” Stefanik said. “We are so happy that they are making sure that their kids are healthy and drinking milk. In the North Country and all across America, families love when their kids drink milk, and to denigrate this family is outrageous.”

“Shame on the media,” Stefanik continued as she talked about skyrocketing inflation hurting families.

“I am so proud to represent hard-working dairy farms in my district. And to have the denigration, basically not only attacking this family but attacking our dairy products, is absolutely outrageous. We proudly drink milk in the North Country, we love our flavored milk and our whole milk.”

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