Monday, October 27, 2021

Stefanik encourages Virginians to “turn out big” for Glenn Youngkin

Washington, D.C. —This morning, GOP House Conference Chair Elise Stefanik joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox BusinessMornings with Mariato discussJoeBiden’s $5.5 trillion Socialist spending bill, the ongoing crisis at our southern border, and Democrats’ attempt to force their radical Far-Left agenda on our kids.

Watch the full interviewhere.

Elise Stefanik on Democrats’ $5.5 trillion Socialist bill:

“The American people should know what the Democrats are discussing is the largest tax increase in our nation’s history, but it’s also the largest spending bill in our nation’s history. This is over five trillion dollars, and that’s taxpayer dollars. So even when President Joe Biden says it costs nothing, it costs the American people over trillions of dollars which we do not have.”

Elise Stefanik on the Biden Border Crisis:

“We are facing the most significant crisis at our southern border in over 30 years. In September alone it was the highest number of illegal border crossings on the southern border in our nation’s history. This is crisis after crisis under this administration. And we need to hold them accountable, which is why Republicans are fighting back and we are focused on winning back the majority next November. We have to save our country.”

Elise Stefanik on Democrats’ controlling education:

“I want to thank and give credit to all the parents who are standing up and fighting on behalf of their children to make sure they get the best education possible, and holding these officials accountable for Far-Left curriculum that we are seeing in school districts across the nation.”

Elise Stefanik on the Virginia Governor race:

“He [McAuliffe] meant what he said, it was not the only time he said that parents should have no role in their children’s education. He has said it over and over and over again. That’s why his poll numbers are plummeting, that’s why there’s such high energy, particularly in the suburbs where we have seen just outrageous overreach and frankly cover-ups that we’ve seen inLoudounCountywhen there are serious, serious public health, public safety issues happening in schools. Virginia needs to turn out big for Glenn Youngkin.”