“Putorti favors a ban on assault rifles.” – WWNY6.14.21

“I don’t think they have a practical purpose in everyday life, and they’re much more dangerous”-Far-Left New York City LawyerMatthew Putorti. 6.14.21

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

In Far-Left New York City Lawyer Matthew Putorti’s first local interview he pledged support for a gun ban and called popular sporting rifles “dangerous.” 

Since he just registered to vote here last week, someone should tell Far-Left New York City Lawyer Matthew Putorti that here in the North Country, we support the Second Amendment unequivocally. All of our County Sheriffs, including the two Democrat Sheriffs in NY-21, have opposed Corrupt Cuomo’s unconstitutional “Safe Act” gun ban.

Maybe someone can get Taxin’ Tedra on the phone with him to give him a rundown on how her support for a GUN BAN tanked her campaign like no one has seen before in Upstate New York politics.

Polling has repeatedly shown that over 75% of NY-21 voters oppose a so-called “assault weapons” ban.

We welcome the latest Gun Grabber into the race!

You can listen to Congresswoman Stefanik discuss this on NY-21’s most listened to radio show, WGY’s Doug & Kelly HERE

-Alex DeGrasse, Senior Advisor to Congresswoman Stefanik