June 15, 2021 by Alayna Treene & Caitlin Owens

Two House Republicans —including Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) —are introducing a bill Tuesday to sanction top Chinese health officials until they allow an investigation into whether the coronavirus originated in a Wuhan lab, according to a copy of the bill text obtained by Axios.

Why it matters:The lab-leak theory has regained prominence in boththe scientificand political worlds, after theWall Street Journal reportedthat three scientists who worked at the Wuhan Institute of Virology experienced COVID-19 symptoms in November 2019.

Driving the news:Stefanik and Rep. Rob Wittman (R-Va.) will introduce the ‘‘World Deserves to Know Act’’ on Tuesday afternoon.

State of play:President Biden last monthorderedthe U.S. intelligence community to “redouble their efforts” to determine where and how COVID-19 emerged.

Between the lines:Republicans,including former President Trump, say they feel vindicated for having pushed the lab-leak theory early on.

Yes, but:The calls aren’t solely partisan.Some Democratic lawmakers agreethe theory should be more thoroughly investigated.

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