Thursday, June 10, 2021

WATERTOWN, NY — Congresswoman Elise Stefanik released the following statement endorsing Jefferson County Legislators Chairman Scott Gray (District 13), Legislator Phil Reed (District 3), and Legislator John Peck (District 7) for reelection.

“Chairman Gray, Legislator Reed, and Legislator Peck have been critical partners in delivering real results to Jefferson County. As proud North Country Republicans, fiscal responsibility and county development are top priorities for all three officials.

Legislator Reed successfully worked with our office to deliver tens of millions of dollars for Watertown International Airport and has been a trusted advisor on important issues regarding the St. Lawrence River and Tourism in the region.

As a Dairy Farmer, Legislator Peck has gone above and beyond to ensure that small farmers across the North Country have a voice at the highest level of government. Legislator Peck is a strong principled Conservative who will always fight for our North Country agriculture.

Chairman Gray has worked tirelessly to lead Jefferson County during the Covid-19 pandemic and now is successfully helping our region reopen and continue to grow. Chairman Gray has put in a record amount of time throughout the pandemic and deserves a lot of credit for selflessly serving our community.

The future of Jefferson County is strong under the leadership of Chairman Gray and Legislators Reed and Peck. I am proud to endorse each of them for another term of continued service to the people of Jefferson County.”