By Lisa DeGroff (Albany)

In a recent Letter to the Editor, “Joy and Stefanik are lap dogs; Wait on Cuomo,” the author took an opportunity to malign two strong conservative women while defending a man that has been accused by no less than 10 women of sexual misconduct.

Firstly, Mrs. Joy had absolutely no role in the events at the Capital on Jan. 6th. All Mrs. Joy did was attend a rally for the sitting President of the United States, along with hundreds of thousands of other peaceful Americans, and was not even aware of the violence, or that Capitol doors had been breached until late afternoon.

She learned of it as she and a friend walked to the bus station to head back home. She also gave multiple interviews to local reporters from the bus that day.

Moreover, Rep. Stefanik’s vote not to certify the election is hardly outside the norms of our Republic. Since 2000, every time a Republican has won the White House, Democrats have voted not to certify the election results, yet those times were not seen as an attack on democracy? What is really appalling about the author’s rant is that he decided to compare two honorable women, whom he happens to disagree with and dislike, to dogs! He should have been comparing his buddy Cuomo to the pig that he is!

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