By Connor Ashlaw (Carthage)

Over the past year our governor has embarrassed himself and our state at every turn. From a massive nursing home scandal to 10 or more eerily similar sexual abuse cases, Cuomo is a flat out disgrace in New York.

Despite your political affiliation, aren’t we all at least a little uncomfortable when he stands there in Buffalo, or Binghamton, or New York City, and acts like everything is normal? Let me remind you, this man covered up nursing home deaths while his team pitched his COVID response book.

Let’s call a spade a spade. Cuomo bullied Assemblyman Kim for speaking out, criticized our congresswoman on her criticism of him, and called county executives to gauge their loyalty as numerous sexual allegations came out.

One county official even feared his vaccine supply would disappear if he didn’t kiss Cuomo’s ring. If this is your ideal governance, then move on and read the next letter. But if any of this makes you disgusted, then why don’t you speak out?

New York is embarrassed at Mr. Cuomo and you should be, too. As for Congresswoman Stefanik, I applaud her work on both major Cuomo scandals. Elise has not only called attention to Cuomo’s sexual harassment allegations, but also the massive criminal coverup of nursing home deaths. Elise is fighting the good fight and she will not let Cuomo off the hook. No one should.

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