By Thomas Homan

Elise Stefanik won re-election to Congress on one of the widest margins of any race in the country. Why? Because the people of the north country know how committed she is to upstate success. They also know that she represents the views of most upstate New York residents even if it means she will be attacked and vilified by many to include Stewart’s Shops and the Lincoln Project.

She has worked tirelessly to support Fort Drum, its soldiers and its civilian employees and their families. Her untiring efforts in the development of the annual National Defense Authorization Act and the defense budget have resulted in increased resources for Fort Drum and the 10th Mountain Division as well as the entire DOD. These increased resources translate to increased spending and jobs in the north country.

The military pay raise she worked for puts dollars right back in the economy and enhanced the economic impact Fort Drum has on the north country. Her efforts to gain millions of dollars for north country hospitals ensured the north country had the highest-quality health care possible for both Fort Drum and the north country.

She also supports the farmers who put food on our tables and is a staunch supporter of police and first-responders and continues to support them at a time when they are under increased attack. She supported President Donald Trump for many reasons, but one thing stands out: his success in rebuilding the military and fixing the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

What separates Elise from the rest is that she keeps her promises to represent the citizenry of upstate New York and their beliefs and political opinions. That is a rarity because many in Congress forget about those who voted for them and that they are supposed to represent the people, not themselves. Elise could have taken the easy road and not put herself out there like she did, but she did it as a representative of the opinions of the people she represents.

A message to Stewart’s Shops, which folded to the left and their threats: Remember where you are. You are in the north country and have made quite a profit from those soldiers and civilian employees. You have benefited greatly from the hard work of Elise Stefanik, but you quickly forgot that when you pulled your support for her. It’s time the patriots of upstate pull their support of Stewart’s.

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