By Lorraine Torgesen 

To the editor:

I am writing to applaud Rep Elise Stefanik’s courage in the face of the Washington elites and disingenuous democrats. How is it that representatives who claim to be champions of democracy refuse to even allow questions about an election where observers were locked out and ballot boxes were handled with no chain of custody? Hiding the truth doesn’t make it go away. I think people are either uninformed or choose to close their eyes and ears. We need to demand more.

I am a new resident of the North Country and admit that I am just learning about the issues that people face here. But some issues are universal. Unbiased journalism appears to have died.

Local news seems to be filtered through Burlington. There is nothing in the way of talk radio that gives locals an outlet of opinion and civil discourse. Wouldn’t it be great to see this happen?

Thank you to the Sun for providing this kind of platform for diversity of thought. It gives me optimism that our country still has a chance. And thank you to Elise for refusing to be cowed by the press and the Harvard hypocrisy. God Bless America.

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