By Dale French

TO THE EDITOR:There seems to be considerable negative postings about our representative, Elise Stefanik, lately.

Probably because she hasn’t joined the Trump naysayers. Perhaps she agrees that America becoming a net exporter of energy, oil, for the first time in decades, causing gas and heating oil prices to tumble is a good thing for our economy. Before the pandemic America experienced the lowest unemployment rate for minorities ever, yet the president is called a racist. The president helped broker an historic peace deal in the Middle East and has kept us out of costly military entanglements, yet he is called dangerous to world peace. He has challenged China to achieve fairness for our industries. He challenged NATO member nations to pay their fair share and now they do. Yet he is called incompetent.

The only thing he’s dangerous to is the status quo in the swamp of Democrats and a number of RINO Republicans. He has shown that a patriotic businessperson can achieve things that establishment politicos won’t because they’re too busy securing their next term in office.

They’re desperate to remove him and keep him out of the Oval Office; witness the moronic attempt to impeach.

Now we hear that his call to have a patriotic and peaceful protest was a call to an armed insurrection. Since most of America knows the truth the fake news will only continue to lose readership and viewership. Thankfully our Representative Stefanik is representing the nearly 70 percent mandate she received. We must continue to believe that good will overcome evil in time.

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