January 9, 2021, Pat Bradley

New York 21st District Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is one of the more than 100 Republican representatives that challenged the presidential Electoral College results. Stefanik responded to calls for her and President Donald Trump’s resignation during a visit to Dannemora on Saturday.

Members of the union representing corrections officers held a rally outside the Clinton Annex on Saturday calling on the state to rescind its decision to close the facility.

Representative Stefanik joined the crowd to support their efforts. Following the event she told reporters that she stands by President Trump and the objections she raised during Wednesday’s joint session.

“President-elect Biden was certified. But that debate was important for the American people to hear. But when it comes to the violence we of course should come together to condemn those violent acts,” said Stefanik.

As Democrats and some Republicans call for Trump’s removal, Stefanik said she opposes an impeachment effort by Congress.

“I oppose the Democrats’ very political push to impeach th president. There will be an inauguration and a peaceful transfer of power on January 20th”
Stefanik called Twitter’s permanent ban of Donald Trump from its platform un-American and unconstitutional.

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