January 09, 2021, By Michael Grasso

As Congresswoman Stefanik said, “The most precious foundation and covenant of our republic is the right to vote, and consequently, the faith in the sanctity of our nation’s free and fair elections.” I, much like many of my friends, family, and colleagues, support you Congresswoman Stefanik, and we implore more representatives to do the same!

With everything going on this past year, this election was anything but conventional. And despite your party affiliation, we must protect our most sacred right as Americans. I cannot believe there are some who would rather move on from 2020, despite claims from fellow Americans who attest, with sworn affidavits, of irregularities.

If even there is the slightest iota of evidence of irregularities then we must object! For what will happen next election, or the election after that if our fundamental right is compromised? Our most important freedom in America is our right to vote, and the integrity of our elections must be upheld.

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