January 7th, 2021 by Meg Messitt

TO THE EDITOR: Although I was not old enough to vote in this past election, watching what unfolded at the beginning of November 2020 was appalling. In short, I am deeply concerned about the integrity of our most recent election.

For more than 30 years now, Democrats have objected to every single Republican-won presidential election. Why now is this call to debate so absurd? According to the left’s history, it’s common practice. And now more than ever, we deserve to know if our fundamental right to vote is being ignored or infringed in any capacity.

The American people deserve a debate in the House of Representatives in order to call attention to the security of our election. If states like Pennsylvania ignore their own election laws, we must know more. If social media companies decide to block stories of unusual family connections with foreign countries, we must know more. If our fellow Americans swear on a bible that they saw irregularities, and testify before state legislatures, we must know more.

Indeed, we must know more and bring to light any and every concern of irregularities from this past election in order to preserve our most sacred right for future elections.

I certainly stand by Congresswoman Stefanik’s decision to object, and I am proud we have a representative who truly cares about our democracy and our right to a free and fair election.

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