October 11, 2020

Saratoga: In case you missed it, a registered Democrat voter in Jefferson County wrote a letter to the editor in the Watertown Daily Times calling out Tedra Cobb for her graphic campaign ad that shows military vehicles being blown up by bombs. This Democrat voter says it is shameful and insensitive to the military spouses and children across our district, and says that Elise Stefanik has his vote.

Watertown Daily Times: “Shame on Cobb for a graphic campaign ad”

I would like to take this opportunity to reach out to Tedra Cobb and say nice job on your latest attack ad against U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik.

You show a military vehicle being blown up by a roadside bomb. Very graphic. Did you even take one minute to think about the impact such an ad would have on the military families including the children who have mothers and fathers serving overseas at this very moment?

As an educator with more than 20 years’ experience, I always keep the feelings of all of my students including my military students at the forefront of my thoughts. Something you clearly missed.

The fact that you would use such an insensitive and graphic visual for your own personal political gain speaks volumes about the type of person that you are. It also speaks volumes about the lack of understanding that you have for the dedication and the sacrifices that our military families are making every day to secure the very rights you profess to want to protect, and yes, our military children are making incredible sacrifices every day.

As a registered Democrat in Jefferson County, I believe you should be ashamed of yourself. Elise Stefanik has my vote.