Written by Nancy Maalouf for the Press-Republican on September 25, 2020

TO THE EDITOR: Let’s face it, Elise Stefanik is young, smart, confident, and she can stand her ground.

Far-left Democrats are intimidated by her charisma and will do anything to stop her, even by launching horrifying tweet campaigns against her. But a little research on objective governmental websites will show you the impressive list of achievements the daughter of a small business family from Upstate New York can do. Data never lies.

Elise Stefanik broke many barriers. She is one of the youngest women to ever be elected to Congress; she is undoubtedly a high achiever. Her accomplishments are an advantage for her constituents.

In recent years, we have witnessed the rise of more elected women in politics. These strong, independent representatives such as Stefanik can balance the power equilibrium in Washington. She is without any doubt the elected official of the future: a leader with integrity, honor, and dedication.

As a bipartisan team player, she works with red and blue colleagues on national and international programs benefiting this country, earning respect from both sides of the aisle in Congress. Through her continuous work, she will pave the road for future generations of young women.

With our support, Elise will continue to be this incredible role model the country desperately needs for future generations of young women. If we vote for her, she will serve as an inspiration across generations, across our region, and across our country. She will be the image of a dignified, graceful, and strong America.



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