September 25, 2020

Saratoga: Today, Elise for Congress released a new TV ad, entitled “Dreams”, highlighting Congresswoman Stefanik’s work to support local North Country small businesses during the COVID-19 economic crisis. The ad features the owner of Morse’s Diner & Pizzeria in Granville, NY speaking about his experience working with Congresswoman Stefanik to get approved for a loan within two weeks after being denied initially. This ad will rotate heavily on both broadcast and cable media in all media markets in NY-21.


“The economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic crippled many of our North Country small businesses,” said Stefanik. “I made it the top priority to work tirelessly to assist every small business possible in getting approved for critical loans needed to keep their doors open. Small businesses are the backbone of our North Country economy and I will always fight for them and prioritize their interests in Congress.”


My name is Bill Morse, I am the owner of Morse’s Diner & Pizzeria here in Granville, New York.

You don’t get second chances on dreams most of the time, but we did.

Three weeks after we opened our doors, we got hit with the COVID virus.

We had applied for the payroll protection loans and were turned down by both.

We reached out to Elise’s office — I think it was about two and a half weeks, and we were approved for our loan to help us get opened back up.

We were just very overwhelmed with the response we got from her office. Elise has been a great help.

I’m Elise Stefanik and I will always fight for our small businesses and I approve this message.