September 17, 2020

Fulton County: Today, 55 Fulton County elected officials from each town in the county endorsed Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for re-election to Congress. To date, Congresswoman Stefanik has been endorsed by 744 local elected officials throughout St. Lawrence, Essex, Saratoga, Jefferson, Clinton, Warren, Lewis, Herkimer, Franklin, Hamilton, and Fulton Counties.

These endorsements highlight the strong bipartisan, grassroots support for Congresswoman Stefanik across Fulton County and the North Country as a whole. Congresswoman Stefanik works hard to earn each and every vote from voters who recognize her strong bipartisan record and hyper-focus on local issues and real results.

“I am proud to endorse our great Congresswoman and the best candidate in this race, Elise Stefanik, for reelection this November,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Warren Greene (R). “We’ve been very fortunate to work with such a hands on and proactive partner at the federal level, especially one who stands up for and reflects our Fulton County and Upstate values like Elise.”

“Party politics do not prevent Elise Stefanik from making the best decisions for the North Country, and it will not stop me from endorsing her,” said Clerk Carrie Allen (D). “Elise Stefanik demonstrates North Country values on the national level by always working tirelessly to get the best results for her constituents. She is a role model to New York’s 21st district and to our nation as a whole.”

“I am proud to stand for my country, and I am proud to endorse Elise Stefanik for Congress,” said Supervisor Charles C. Potter (R). “Elise embodies what it means to be an American by defending our Constitution, standing for the National Anthem, and speaking out for law, order, and justice for all. When asked if I would endorse Elise, I only had to look at her results to know that we need her in office for another two years.”

“I’m grateful to earn the support and endorsement of each of these 55 local elected officials and community leaders in Fulton County,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “My independent record of real results, bipartisanship, and working with anyone to get things done is what the North Country needs in Congress. My opponent only caters to the Far-Left wing of her radical party and cannot be trusted to work with community leaders across our district. I look forward to continuing to work with all of these Fulton County elected officials in my next term in Congress.”

The full list of 55 Fulton County local elected officials is below:

Linda A Kollar, County Clerk, Fulton County

Richard C. Giardino, Sheriff, Fulton County

Margaret E. Luck, Coroner, Fulton County

William A. Rowback Jr., Councilman at Large, Gloversville

Arthur J. Simonds, Councilman, Gloversville Ward 2

Charles C. Potter, Supervisor, Gloversville Ward 4

Gerardo “Jay” Zarrelli, Councilman, Gloversville Ward 5

Warren Greene, Supervisor, Gloversville Ward 6

Wrandy L. Siarkowski, Councilman, Gloversville Ward 6

Vernon Jackson, Mayor, Johnstown City

Carrie Allen, City Clerk, Johnstown City

Craig Talarico, Councilman at Large, Johnstown City

Bradley A. Hayner, Councilman, Johnstown City Ward 1

Jack Wilson, Supervisor, Town of Johnstown

Nancy M. Hart, Town Clerk, Town of Johnstown

Timothy J. Rizzo, Councilman, Town of Johnstown

Jack Smullen, Highway Superintendent, Town of Johnstown

David B. Howard Jr., Supervisor, Bleecker

Toni Johnson, Town Clerk/Tax Collector, Bleecker

Darren Smith, Councilman, Bleecker

Sheila Perry, Supervisor, Broadalbin

Cheryl Briggs , Town Clerk, Broadalbin

David Bardascini, Councilman, Broadalbin

Lawrence C. Cornell, Mayor, Village of Broadalbin

Mario J. Cristaldi, Trustee, Village of Broadalbin

Susan DeRocker, Trustee, Village of Broadalbin

Scott M. Horton, Supervisor, Caroga

John L. Glenn, Councilman, Caroga

Richard Sturgess, Councilman, Caroga

Donald Travis, Councilman, Caroga

Larry Voght, Highway Superintendent, Caroga

Mary Puznowski, Mayor, Village of Dolgeville

Tammy Chmielewski, Clerk, Village of Dolgeville

Amber Kraszewski, Trustee, Village of Dolgeville

Amanda Jaquay, Trustee, Village of Dolgeville

Todd F. Bradt, Supervisor, Ephratah

Richard Argotsinger, Supervisor, Mayfield

Nancy Parker, Town Clerk/Collector, Mayfield

Jeffrey P. Martin Jr, Highway Superintendent, Mayfield

Terri Brubaker, Village Clerk/Collector, Village of Mayfield

Emory J. Chase, Trustee, Village of Mayfield

Joseph Garrigan, Trustee, Village of Mayfield

James K. Groff, Supervisor, Northampton

Molly Zullo, Councilman, Northampton

Ken Cramer, Highway Superintendent, Northampton

Cynthia Breh, Supervisor, Oppenheim

Kathleen E Montana, Councilman, Oppenheim

Robert K. Pierce III, Councilman, Oppenheim

Judith A. English, Town Clerk, Perth

Robert E. Fisher Jr., Councilman, Perth

Peter C. Betz, Councilman, Perth

Tiffany Rutkowski, Councilman, Stratford

Lorraine Rumrill, Councilman, Stratford

Lawrence Staring, Highway Superintendent, Stratford

Terry Blodgett, County Treasurer, Fulton County