Saratoga: Already today, we know that Taxin’ Tedra Cobb released a new veterans plan that copies and steals legislation that Congresswoman Stefanik wrote, passed, and was signed into law by President Trump in the FY18 National Defense Authorization Act.

“This election is a choice — a choice between a Far-Left resistance candidate who is incapable of coming up with her own ideas and my record of getting Real Results for the North Country,” said Stefanik. “While Taxin’ Tedra wants to steal and copy my bills making veterans’ healthcare more accessible and affordable, I have actually delivered these results. Our veterans answered our nation’s call and it is our responsibility and privilege to serve these men and women who selflessly served us. I have proudly recovered over $3.9 million in VA benefits for our North Country veterans during my time in Congress.

“Our veterans have unique healthcare needs and we need to be recruiting doctors, expanding access to care, eliminating red tape, and educating veterans on the care that is provided to them. These priorities are clearly demonstrated in my legislative work.”

Elise’s Results:

  1. Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019 Signed into law
    1. This legislation which Elise has worked on since her first term restores the presumptive coverage for those who served in the territorial seas of Vietnam and ensures our veterans don’t have to sift through bureaucratic red tape at the VA.
  2. Introduced, The Vietnam-Era Veterans Hepatitis C Testing Enhancement Act this life saving legislation enhances VA efforts by expanding eligibility to ALL Vietnam and Vietnam Era Veterans in order to improve access to Hepatitis C testing.
  3. Bipartisan cosponsor, H.R.3932 – Veterans Preventive Health Coverage Fairness Act which eliminates veterans’ copayments for medication, hospital care, and medical services related to preventive health services provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  4. Bipartisan cosponsor H.R. 3350, VA Emergency Transportation Act which reimburses a veteran the cost of emergency transportation to a federal facility.
  5. Bipartisan cosponsor of H.R.2941 – Servicewomen’s Health Transition Training Act of 2019 which will ensure that transition women service members are made aware of the healthcare services provided for them through the VA.
  6. Bipartisan cosponsor of H.R.2557 – Get Veterans a Doctor Now Act which will improve recruitment efforts to bring more doctors into the VA clinics.
  7. Bipartisan cosponsor of H.R.1802 – VA Billing Accountability Act which waives copay requirements in situations where the VA delays bill notification to veterans.