August 20, 2020

Lewis County: Today, 89 Lewis County elected officials from every town in the county endorsed Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for re-election to Congress.

These endorsements highlight the strong bipartisan, grassroots support for Congresswoman Stefanik across Lewis County and the North Country as a whole. Congresswoman Stefanik works hard to earn each and every vote from voters who recognize her strong bipartisan record and hyper-focus on local issues and real results.

“Congresswoman Stefanik is the best choice for voters in Lewis County and across the North Country,” said Larry Dolhoff (R), Chairman of the County Board of Legislators. “She knows how to deliver results on the local issues that actually matter to us; she understands the unique challenges we face here in Upstate New York. Most importantly, Elise knows that agriculture is the backbone of our local economy, and she has fought tirelessly to support our local farming families. We need Elise in office so she can keep fighting for us and delivering results home to our communities, and that’s why I’m proud to endorse her for re-election this year.”

“I am very proud to endorse Congresswoman Stefanik for her re-election this November,” said Randall LaChausse (I), County Legislator, District 2. “Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Elise proved that she will stand up for Upstate New York and our rural communities. She listens and fights for us when no one else will. I am thrilled to be fully supporting Congresswoman Stefanik again this year.”

“Elise has been a tireless advocate for the North Country, standing up for our values in Congress, and always putting her constituents first,” said Chuck Langs (R), Town Council Member, Diana. “I’m especially grateful for her record of listening to and working with our local farms, businesses, manufacturers and families. Now more than ever before, we need Representatives who serve us, and there is not a better advocate for the North Country than Elise Stefanik. I’m proud to give her my endorsement.”

“I’m grateful to earn the support and endorsement of each of these 89 local elected officials and community leaders in Lewis County,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “My continued partnership with our local officials in Lewis County and across the North Country is critical to achieving bipartisan, Real Results for my constituents. Voters and community leaders in Lewis County know that I will work with anyone, regardless of party, to deliver wins for our district. My independent record is the complete opposite of my opponent’s record: radical, Far-Left Resistance.”

The full list of 89 Lewis County local elected officials is below:

Michael Carpinelli, Sheriff, Lewis County

Jake Moser, County Clerk, Lewis County

Phil Hathway, County Legislator, District 1

Randall L. LaChausse, County Legislator, District 2

Ronald Burns, County Legislator, District 3

Ian Gilbert, County Legislator, District 4

Richard C. Chartrand, County Legislator, District 5

Greg Kulzer, County Legislator, District 7

Larry Dolhof, County Legislator, District 8

Thomas Osbourne, County Legislator, District 9

Jerry H. King, County Legislator, District 10

James Der, Town Supervisor, Denmark

Marilyn Patterson, Town Supervisor, Greig

Stephen Bernat, Town Supervisor, Harrisburg

Rosalie White, Town Supervisor, Leyden

Randall Schell, Town Supervisor, Lowville

Philip Boardman, Town Supervisor, Lyonsdale

Terry Thisse, Town Supervisor, Martinsburg

Bruce Williams, Town Supervisor, Montague

Francis Yerdon, Town Supervisor, Osceola

Sherry Harmych, Town Supervisor, Pinckney

Jane Gillette, Town Supervisor, Turin

Gerald Crowell, Town Supervisor, Watson

Joseph Genter, Village Mayor, Village of Constableville

Mervin Moser, Village Mayor, Village of Castroland

Kenneth Clark, Village Mayor, Village of Copenhagen

Irl “Michael” Monnat, Village Mayor, Village of Croghan

Heather Collins, Village Mayor, Village of Port Leyden

Josh Leviker, Village Mayor, Village of Turin

Thomas Kalamas, Town Council Member, Croghan

Larry Boliver, Town Council Member, Croghan

Yvonne Boliver, Town Council Member, Croghan

Megan Kalamas Simpson, Town Clerk/Collector, Croghan

Allan Shaw, Highway Superintendent, Croghan

Scott Doyle, Town Council Member, Denmark

Patrick F. Mahar, Highway Superintendent, Denmark

Matthew LaParr, Town Council Member, Diana

Chuck Langs, Town Council Member, Diana

Darrell Seymour, Highway Superintendent, Diana

Alicia Arthur, Town Council Member, Greig

Michelle Bailey Swisher, Town Council Member, Greig

Thomas Gunn, Town Clerk/Collector, Greig

Paul Widrick, Town Council Member, Harrisburg

Terry C. Snyder, Highway Superintendent, Harrisburg

Karl Rauscher, Town Council Member, Lewis

Oliva Fruin, Town Clerk, Lewis

Andrew Millick, Town Council Member, Leyden

Steven M. Fox, Town Council Member, Leyden

Lois Compo, Town Council Member, Leyden

Bruce Myers, Highway Superintendent, Leyden

John Ross, Town Council Member, Lowville

Ruth Laribee, Town Council Member, Lowville

Thomas Widrick, Highway Superintendent, Lowville

Steven Weber, Highway Superintendent, Lyonsdale

Mike McGrath, Town Council Member, Martinsburg

Tyler J. Jones, Highway Superintendent, Martinsburg

Richard Williams, Town Council Member, Montague

Daniel Martin, Town Council Member, Montague

Casandra Buell, Town Council Member, New Bremen

Alexis Lyndaker, Town Council Member, New Bremen

David Becker, Town Council Member, New Bremen

Joseph Aucter, Town Council Member, New Bremen

Elizabeth Jones, Town Clerk/Collector, New Bremen

Jo Anne Conklin, Town Council Member, Osceola

Vickie Carpinelli, Town Council Member, Osceola

Ginny Churchill, Town Clerk, Osceola

Richard Meagher, Highway Superintendent, Osceola

Donald Vincent, Town Council Member, Pinckney

Michael Birchenough, Town Council Member, Pinckney

Donald Cook, Highway Superintendent, Pinckney

Edward A. Koss, Town Council Member, Turin

James Freeman, Town Council Member, Watson

Christina Merry, Town Clerk/Collector, Watson

Katrina Sullivan, Town Council Member, West Turin

Heidi Lehmann, Village Trustee, Village of Castroland

Cliff Lehmann, Village Trustee, Village of Castroland

Scott Moshier, Village Trustee, Village of Castroland

Derek Mellnitz, Public Works Superintendent, Village of Castroland

Alan Klosner, Village Trustee, Village of Constableville

Ben Shambo, Village Trustee, Village of Copenhagen

Lloyd Richardson, Village Trustee, Village of Croghan

Nancy Martin, Village Clerk, Village of Croghan

Tim Widrick, Village Trustee, Village of Lowville

Donna Dolhof, Village Trustee, Village of Lyons Falls

Ron Dorrity, Village Trustee, Village of Lyons Falls

Erin Mikesell, Village Trustee, Village of Port Leyden

Frederick McCauley, Village Trustee, Village of Port Leyden

Kate Bailey, Village Clerk, Village of Port Leyden

Jeff Bukingham, Village Trustee, Village of Turin