August 13, 2020

Warren County: Today, 51 Warren County elected officials from every town in the County endorsed Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for re-election to Congress.

These endorsements highlight the strong bipartisan, grassroots support for Congresswoman Stefanik across Clinton County and the North Country as a whole. Congresswoman Stefanik works hard to earn each and every vote from voters who recognize her strong bipartisan record and hyper-focus on local issues and real results.

“Congresswoman Stefanik has been an excellent representative since her first day in Congress and I am pleased to announce my endorsement of her reelection bid this November,” said Frank Thomas (R), Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. “Since the onset of the COVID pandemic Elise has made it clear that there is no one who can deliver vital relief when it counts quite like she can. She is the best possible advocate for Warren County, makes herself available 24/7, and with results like $44 Million in federal relief for Glens Falls Hospital alone, she is without a doubt the only choice in this race. I look forward to continuing our great partnership in her next term.”

“I am so thankful to have Congresswoman Stefanik as our voice in Washington and very proud to endorse her for reelection this November,” said Rachel Seeber (R), Board of Supervisors, Town of Queensbury. “Elise is an excellent leader whose work ethic and integrity have no comparison – a stark contrast with those of her opponent and with her strong record of results to match, I have no doubt an overwhelming majority of her Warren County constituents will agree. We are fortunate to have such a strong advocate for increasing the number of Republican women in leadership and such an incredible role model for our younger generations to emulate.”

“I’m honored to earn the support of each of these 51 Warren County local elected officials and community leaders,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “I’m proud to work directly with each of these leaders, regardless of party, on issues important to Warren County and the entire North Country. Unlike my opponent, my focus is on working with anyone to get Real Results for our region and improving the lives of the hardworking families in my district. I’m grateful for the support for my re-election across Warren County, and I’m looking forward to working with each of these local elected officials in my next term in Congress.”

The full list of 51 Warren County local elected officials is below:

Jim LaFarr, County Sheriff, Warren County

Michael Swan, County Treasurer, Warren County

Pamela Vogel, County Clerk, Warren County

Ron Conover, Town Supervisor, Bolton

Daniel Bruno, Board of Supervisors, Glens Falls Ward 4

Edna Frasier, Town Supervisor, Hague

Matthew Simpson, Town Supervisor, Horicon

Eugene Merlino, Town Supervisor, Lake Luzerne

Robert Blais, Village Mayor, Lake George

Brad Magowan, Board of Supervisors, Queensbury

Michael Wild, Board of Supervisors, Queensbury

Douglas Beaty, Board of Supervisors, Queensbury

Rachel Seeber, Board of Supervisors, Queensbury

Timothy Coon, Town Board Member, Bolton

Penny Cleavland, Town Board Member, Bolton

Susan Wilson, Deputy Supervisor, Bolton

William Sherman, Highway Superintendent, Bolton

Karen DuRose, Town Board Member, Chester

Lawrence Turcotte, Town Board Member, Chester

Chris Aiken, Town Board Member, Chester

Michael Packer, Town Board Member, Chester

Mindy Conway, Town Clerk, Chester

Scott Endieveri, Ward 4 Common Council Member, Glens Falls

Steven Ramant, Town Board Member, Hague

John Bast, Town Board Member, Hague

Donald Smith Sr., Highway Superintendent, Hague

Frank Hill, Town Board Member, Horicon

Peter Palmer, Town Board Member, Horicon

Robert Olson, Town Board Member, Horicon

Krista Wood, Town Clerk, Horicon

Darian Granger, Highway Superintendent, Horicon

Laurie Prescott Arnheiter, Town Board Member, Johnsburg

Nancy Stannard, Town Board Member, Lake George

Vincent Crocitto Jr., Town Board Member, Lake George

Rob Lanfear Jr, Highway Superintendent, Lake George

Raymond Perry, Village Trustee, Village of Lake George

Mark McLain, Town Board Member, Lake Luzerne

Paul Lewandowski, Town Board Member, Lake Luzerne

Cynthia Sherwood, Town Clerk, Lake Luzerne

Caroline Barber, Town Clerk, Queensbury

David Duell, Highway Superintendent, Queensbury

Frank Thomas, Town Supervisor, Stony Creek

Susan Harrington, Town Clerk, Stony Creek

John Thomas, Board Member, Stony Creek

Philip Coletti, Board Member, Stony Creek

Joan Harris, Board Member, Thurman

Patrick Wood, Highway Superintendent, Thurman

Kevin Geraghty, Town Supervisor, Warrensburg

Pamela Lloyd, Town Clerk, Warrensburg

John Alexander, Board Member/Deputy Supervisor, Warrensburg

Bryan Rounds, Board Member, Warrensburg