July 30, 2020

In the last week, Taxin’ Tedra has lied to local reporters and North Country voters attempting to hide her past position of supporting Medicare-for-All

Taxin’ Tedra In Her Own Words Supporting Medicare for All

·  Tedra Cobb’s own campaign website included her support for Medicare For All before she frantically deleted her position to hide from voters. “Tedra’s Vision: Provide comprehensive health insurance for all United States residents, such as what is detailed in the United States National Health Care Act (H.R. 676) [H.R. 676 is parallel to Senator Bernie Sanders’ Single Payer, Medicare for all bill.] 

 Tedra Cobb stated her support for Medicare for All at the SUNY Adirondack Candidate Forum. “QUESTIONER:  ‘ Do you support single-payer healthcare?’ TEDRA ANSWER: “Yes. So, whether it’s Medicare for All, right, or whether it’s Medicare down to 50, I’m 50, um, or, and Medicaid filling in.” WATCH HERE AND BELOW.


·  “Democratic Congressional Candidate from Canton favors single-payer medical coverage.” North Country Now“Democrat Tedra Cobb, challenger to incumbent Elise Stefanik for the 21st Congressional District seat, strongly favors a “single payer” medical coverage plan.

·  “Cobb supports a ‘Medicare for All’ bill that would transfer responsibility for providing healthcare insurance from private employers to the federal government.” The Daily Gazette

·  “Support for single-payer healthcare.”  NCPR.  “Cobb says what she draws from that experience is support for single-payer, government-run healthcare. And that’s what she told the gathering in Waddington. I think that’s why Medicare for all, I think that’s why people like Medicare for all, it works, it’s simple.”  

·  North Country voter confronted Cobb on her “Medicare For All” Lie in Potsdamtweeting “Tonight in Potsdam you told me you did not support Medicare for all last cycle. But this is from your website where you did. I want to know why you don’t this cycle?” The same voter pointed to a  screenshot from Cobb’s campaign website stating that she supports H.R. 676, which establishes the National Medicare for All Program, and is parallel to U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ Single Payer Bill.  

·  Tedra Cobb: “I support a Medicare for All system…or something like that.” During a Q & A candidate forum, when Tedra is asked if she supports Medicare for All, she says yes. WATCH HERE AND BELOW


·  On Channel 13, Tedra Cobb confronted by North Country voter over her previous Medicare for All position. WATCH HERE AND BELOW


·  Tedra Cobb: “For me, the non-negotiable that is that everyone should have health care…It can be Medicare for All.” The Sun: “Cobb did not attend the forum on Friday, citing a scheduling conflict. But she has come out in support of Medicare for All as a pathway.”

·  In June 2018, Five Democratic Candidates, Including Cobb, “Called In Some Form For ‘Medicare For All’  The Daily Gazette:  “All five called in some form for ‘Medicare for all’ or universal health care, contrasting themselves with Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik.”