Written by Craig Boyer in the Watertown Daily Times on July 29, 2020

Cities across the United States such as Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, St. Louis and New York City have been looted, vandalized and burned by the radical left. Police officers and civilians have been injured and murdered.

Churches and statues of Christopher Columbus, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, the Virgin Mary and George Washington are being destroyed by the cancel culture leftists because they hate America. This sounds more like a sci-fi movie called “Anarchy in the Streets,” but it’s now life in America.

Democrats push for “defunding” and “reimagining” policing. We see the effects of “reimagine policing” in our streets right now. The New York Police Department’s highest ranking uniformed officer and others were just viciously assaulted in Brooklyn. Thanks to bail reform passed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Democrat-controlled state government, many people arrested during protests have been released without bail.

If you are a never-Trumper, you must decide if your dislike for him is worth sacrificing your freedoms and the rule of law. This is a crossroads election.

President Donald Trump and U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik will always put America first. A Joe Biden administration, controlled by the left, will lead to more lawlessness and cancel culture. If Trump and Republicans are not elected, “Anarchy in the Streets: The Sequel” will soon be playing in a theater near you.

Craig Boyer


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