Written by Mary Grace Downey in the Press-Republican on July 29, 2020

TO THE EDITOR: Now is a better time than ever to jump on the Congresswoman Elise Stefanik bandwagon.

Stefanik has pushed non-stop for our district since she was first elected back in 2014. I have always been a fan of hers, she runs on platforms that she truly believes in, and as we know, she does not stop until they are accomplished. Stefanik is in every way what it means to be for the people. This has become even more apparent since the start of COVID-19.

I constantly see news about her pushing for our North Country, doing all that she can to ensure we are taken care of in every aspect; whether it has to do with small businesses, re-openings, or nursing homes. Congresswoman Stefanik does not sit back, like many, and watch things get done. She gets them done. While also openly speaking out against what she has not believed will better her North Country during this pandemic.

Such as standing up to Governor Cuomo and his leadership. She is a strong independent woman who truly wants to see our district flourish.

If you weren’t an Elise supporter before, I would hope you were by now. Stefanik embodies what it means to be a true U.S. representative.


Saratoga Springs

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