Written by Andrew Smith in the Watertown Daily Times on July 26, 2020

I’ve always been partial to a saying told to me a long time ago, a friend of mine once told me, “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.” He was referring to all of the noise that we hear on a daily basis on social media that our world is in shambles and that this country is in trouble.

He said that once you open your eyes to the outside world and forget social media, you see that this world isn’t so bad after all and much more peaceful than it may seem on the web. I charge everyone that reads this leader to do the same: Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, especially when it comes to the race for NY-21.

Sure, Tedra Cobb has her social media warriors on Twitter and Facebook with alerts on U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s posts to be ready at the beacon and denounce any positive posts by our congresswoman. It’s all for show and has no substance.

It’s often the same 20 or so people who post the same things, typically within five minutes of the original post. I charge voters to see past this scam and to trust your gut, not comments on social media.

Your gut should tell you that Elise is right for NY-21 and should continue to represent us in our great district. She stands up for what we truly care for like having our Second Amendment rights protected and having someone in office who has a clue on how to fight for Fort Drum.

Elise takes the time to tour all parts of our district and to get to know the people she represents. Do what’s right for our district and vote for Elise Stefanik in November.

Andrew Smith


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